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The owners of My Lucky Dog Daycare in Smithfield, Rhode Island endeavored to open their business in an existing industrial warehouse space. We set out to transform this inhospitable place into something enjoyable and playful.

We maintained efficiency in budget and layout by repurposing and organizing the program around much of the existing walls and openings, a few new walls where built in the lobby. To make the front lobby welcoming and interesting we proposed a light and transparent entry that washes the space with as much natural daylight as possible. We also introduced a slight shift in the geometry of the main dividing wall, giving the entire lobby a bold and focused appearance. Keeping this wall open allows light from the lobby to spill to the back of the 120ft long warehouse space and maintain a feeling of openness and safe supervision throughout the day.

We were happy to help the owner fulfill their dream of operating a pet daycare and creating a place that is safe, efficient, and joyful.