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Nowell Academy

During the summer of 2016 we teamed up with Transom, the contractor and design collaborator to create this strategic upgrade to the Nowell Leadership Academy in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. The project had a small budget and a tight timeline, but we were able to transform a former cafeteria space into a dynamic, 21st century classroom. 

The goal was to create 4 separate learning areas, while maintaining the ability for the space to serve as a larger presentation space. To complete the transformation, we developed small, tactical interventions, that worked together to achieve this strategic vision. 

We incorporated movable millwork partitions, with storage, white-board and charging capabilities to divide the learning spaces, and utilized sound-attenuating baffles to help with the space’s acoustic properties. Multi-purpose storage walls were built and customized to the needs of each space— biasing towards storage for belongings, books or workspace. The entry and kitchen areas were defined by a soffit, millwork and signage. 


Photographs courtesy of Transom