Taylor joined studio MEJA in 2016.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Auburn University. There, in his third year he worked with Rural Studio, a design-build program situated in underserved communities in west Alabama. Taylor completed work for the Rural Studio Greenhouse, and the Newbern Town Hall. His other early working experience entailed constructing church pews at his family-owned business, where he developed hands-on woodworking skills and a keen understanding of detail.

Eventually, schools and educational systems became a large part of his early architectural practice, during which Taylor assisted in designing a residence hall, elementary schools, and a STEAM academy. After graduating from Auburn he spent a year working in the construction management field and was able to work directly with subcontractors. Managing and being on site every day offered him the opportunity to understand construction based challenges in architecture and solve details efficiently.

Outside the office Taylor enjoys backpacking, being outdoors any chance he can get, and creating music with his many years of experience on the piano, guitar, and leading vocals.



2014       Fourth Year Furniture Studio Book Award

2013       Rural Studio Woodshop Best Chair Award

2010       Northeast Alabama Community College Presidential Host Scholarship