Kendall Dean | Time and Symmetry

“The symmetry between our thoughts and actions is the effectiveness to which we perform.” 
                                                                                                                     -Gladys Adevey


Kendall Dean School, situated on a hill in the historic district of Slatersville, Rhode Island is elegantly symmetrical, wonderfully detailed, and is fortunately one of our newest projects. It was built in 1936, and a true pleasure derives from looking at its woodwork and fenestrations.  Before the time of air conditioners and Fluorescent tube lights, the doors, transoms, and windows were the guardians and facilitators of light and air, even into the internal corridors of the building. The simple and balanced organization of the building guides us as we consider the daily experience of its future users, the details inspire us to act with sensitivity and certaintynostalgia, and yet like school kids we search for the right moment to sneak in something out of the ordinary.