Visions of an Art Gem

Although it has only been a few months since we moved into our fascinating building in Olneyville, we have already started scheming ways to make our site into an evolving, artistic gem in the neighborhood. Olneyville is active with creative individuals working together to deliver bits of wonder to the residents. Recently we partnered with some awesome organizations, the Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council (WRWC) and the Steel Yard to put together two grant proposals for different parts of our site.  We envision our corner of Olneyville to be a constant source of experimentation, discovery, and amazement for the residents and visitors of Olneyville. 

On one side of the building, the Aleppo side, we are working with the WRWC to create a vibrant mural related to local natural history. This mural will enliven the street, and encourage people to travel down Aleppo St towards Riverside Park to explore the park's amengities and the Woonasquatucket River. 

On the other side of our building, the Manton Avenue side, we are joining ongoing efforts to improve public transit stops. We have partnered with the Steel Yard to plan a project that would replace our current fence with a decorative, locally made fence with references to the area's industrial history. Some native planting and a pad for revolving art installations will help make this portion of our site exciting and engaging for the passersby and bus stop users of Olneyille's busiest transit corridor.

While it might take some time for these efforts to come to fruition the sparks for the ideas and conversations have been ignited and the imaginations fully inspired.  


"Olneyville's Nature Gateway", a proposal for an environmental mural, fronts Aleppo Street with the aim of activating this iconic corner with community engagement and unique environmental graphics. 

The "Community Art Stop" project assists and enriches existing efforts to create safe and attractive bus stops along Manton Avenue. Our proposal seeks to make this streetscape into a revolving urban art exhibit